Uniersity Dormitory

University Dormitory 13 Buildings

Services provided in the room

  1. Bed with mattress
  2. Wardrobe
  3. Desk
  4. Clothes Line

Female Dormitory 9 (Pink Dormitory)

239/10 Huay Kaew Rd., Suthep, Mueng District, Chaing Mai 50200

Dormitory facilities

- Cable TV Public
- Computer room
- Wifi Internet (@JumboPlus)
- Coin washing machine
- Fitness Room
- Pantry rooms
- Study rooms

Pink Dormitory has a total of 166 rooms.
- 160 rooms for 2 peoples
- 6 rooms for 4 peoples

Female Dormitory 10 (40 Years Dormitory)

239/10 Huay Kaew Rd., Suthep, Mueng District, Chaing Mai 50200

Room details
Is a dormitory that is only open to female students All undergraduate degrees Is an alternative to students in residential areas With the availability of various services To encourage learning to live together And also improving the quality of student life

Room amenities
- Water heater(for shower)
- Wardrobe, Bed with mattress, TV table, Computer Table
- Telephone
- Wifi Internet (@JumboPlus)
- Fan
- Cooler( 66 rooms only)

Dormitory facilities
- Fitness Room
- TV Room, Study Room
- Computer room and Internet Lan
- newspaper
- Convenience Store, Restaurant

Mae Hia Dormitory (Seperate Male and Female)

Mae Hia Agricultural Research, Demonstrative and Training Center
155 MaeHua, Mueng District, Chiang Mai 50100
Tel 053-948610

Room details
Consists of 4 floors building with seperated male and female
There are 160 rooms.
Accommodate a total of 320 peopls.
Students can stay in all faculties every year, each room for 2 people.
Charges for a paid room

Dormitory welfare
1. Computer room
2. Wifi Internet (@JumboPlus)
3. Study room
4. Water Heater (for shower)
5. Microwave, Cooler each floor, Hot water boiler
6. Cleaning staff (central), Security guard 24 hours

Dormitory service
1.Convenience Store
2.Coin Washing Machine
3.Laundry Service
4.Laundry Service (External)