Ha-Ri-Phun-Chai Dorm

 Ha-Ri-Phun-Chai Dorm, Lamphun

205 house village 2 Super Highway Road, Mueng District, Lamphun
Room total 48 rooms, Male students are divided into layers 1,2 of 24 rooms.
and Female Students are divided into layers 3,4 of 24 rooms
Allowed room for 3 persons

Details of cost for stay in dormitory can be viewed from... -Click Here-

Welfare Services
1. Facilities within dormitory include a bed, mattress, pillow, table, chair, wardrobe, fan ,private bathroom
2. Public Facilities such as microwave, refrigerator, Water Drinking Machine (hot/cold), common household medicines, Bycicle, Relaxation room
3. Washing Coins Machine, Laundry
4. Convenience Store, Canteen
5. Security services include a security guard, Key fingerprint scanner, CCTV